Africa is an awesome continent. From its cultural heritage and diverse cultures to its vast people. From the unending breathtaking sceneries to the fastest growing cities. Technology is fast advancing in the continent. In the last ten years, Internet subscriptions in Africa have grown by over 1000%. This growth is triple the statistics for the rest of the world. The .Africa domain just makes this fact even domain name for sale Made available to the general public in July 2017, the .africa domain is a top-level domain in the market is meant for the African communities and users. the .africa domain name is now available in Kenya as well.

What Is .africa domain

As stated earlier, the .africa domain is a top-level domain made available to the general public in July 2017. It is mainly for users from the African communities and Pan-African users from wherever they are. This basically means that anyone living in Africa can have a domain name with .africa. Others who can use this domain extension are business people from other continents, individuals or organizations who make frequent visits to the continent. Those who work closely with humanitarian organizations and African commerce from other continents can have this domain as well.

Why Choose .africa domain

The most basic reason should already be in mind. Proudly African. Anyone proud of their continent already looks forward to owning a .africa domain. it gives you a sense of belonging. Pride i

.afric domain name now available in Kenya

n where you come from. Your continent. Your home.

.africa domains also localize your .africa site giving you an advantage over other domains on search engines. Compared to a .com site, a person searching for anything about Africa will probably be directed to your site before the .com site. This is because the .com domain is an international domain.

The .africa domain users also showcase a brands commitment to Africa the continent. This establishes a good ground and site for products and services that are African. This, in turn, expands the influence of your brand regionally.

In an online market that is fast growing and has a high potential, Its for the wise to acquire a .africa domain. this will give you footing before others do. When the market is fully grown, you will be well established with a very big advantage in online real estate.

How to Register a .africa domain.

Pretty easy. Go to place an order for your domain name with a .africa extension. Minutes and your domain name is up and running.