Website Maintenance

It is one thing to own a website. From building it, content development and getting it to engage an audience. It is another to maintain the website. Same case with buying a shoe. You already have it in use. You have to brush it, wash it once in a while and seek a cobbler anytime it breaks. Website Maintenance means a website is in good condition. It means that the website is running efficiently and effectively as required.

deepAfrica Site Maintenance

At some point, maintaining a website for yourself could be a little difficult. It once in a while needs technical knowledge and skill. deepAfrica got you sorted on this. When you create a website and host with, they give you free website maintenance services for the first two months. deepAfrica also does website maintenance even if you do not host with them. I still wonder who doesn’t host their websites with deepAfrica. With the kind of support service and value they give you, you just can’t stop loving them. Anyways, even if you do not host with them, they still offer website maintenance for you. At a fee of course. Only no prices beat theirs.


There, however, are normal basic precautions, measures and steps you can take to maintain your website. These, will ensure your site runs smoothly, effectively and efficiently whether you are a techy or not. The digital world is a dynamic world. Things keep on changing. Your website without proper maintenance methods will soon get old, outdated and old fashioned. it even gets too boring for your website clients. Here, therefore, are some few tips to ensure your site does not go down this lane.

There are several more benefits of website maintenance. First, you are sure your site is secure. Secondly, it prevents you from losing stuff because you back up your data on a regular basis. It also helps your users and clients satisfaction with your site. At no time will they find a broken or non-working link. Regular website maintenance ensures your site stays updated and looks all new all time.

Basic Maintenance Tips

The first thing to do in maintaining your website is to keep a regular backup of your site. this is especially if you keep updating. While hosting companies like deepAfrica keep a backup of your site, it is also wise to keep a backup for your site too. In case their servers crash( very unlikely though) or your account get hacked, it becomes easy to retrieve your data by yourself.

Make regular updates. Do not shut down updates. Most websites run on content management systems such as WordPress. These Softwares are updated regularly for improvement and better secure websites. Ensure the updates come from the original owners of the CMS to ensure you do not fall prey to viruses and malware.

More Information

There exist other ways to ensure you maintain your site well. For example checking testing links, testing loading speeds among others. have more information the same here.