Beginners guide to blogging in Kenya

Many people in our country today have ideas, images, destinations, lessons and a lot of stuff they want to share. However, sharing this becomes an issue because they lack a platform for the same. With these, we came up with a beginners guide to blogging in Kenya. Where do I start with all these ideas? Some of you already have an idea of what blogging is. Some have no idea, some know but can’t tell how to use it to share. This beginners guide to blogging in Kenya will answer all the questions. This guide will give you an insight on blogging. Knowledge on what it is, how to go about it, et cetera.

What is A Blog

We start with what exactly blogging is. Most of us have come across blogs. Either knowingly or not. This you are reading is a blog. A blog is an online journal or diary. One person (mostly) called a blogger maintains the blog. Blogs mainly run on blog posts usually created by the blogger. These posts may be text, for example, a story, poem et cetera. They could also be images or videos. Moreover, a blogger updates a blog regularly. He/She also decides on when to update it. The most recent post appears on the top of the blog all the way to the last. There are general blogs and specific blogs. General blogs have blog posts for all/any topic as deemed fit by the blogger. Specific blogs, on the other hand, have blog posts on specific topics. For example, the blog you are reading is specifically for online solutions.

Why Blog

After knowing what a blog is, you probably are asking yourself why you should blog. What’s the need for a blog? is it necessary? Well, for starters, a blog is not necessary. If you have not much to share online, no one should crucify you. There are however people who have a lot of information. People with a lot of knowledge, skill, ideas, name them. These do not need to ask why they need a blog. But I still will tell you why. Writers, Journalists, travel enthusiasts, photographers, video producers, chefs, et cetera fall in this category. A blog is a place where you share your thoughts and ideas. For writers, this is your diary. your journal. ┬áHere, you share your awesome shots for photographers. You give advice and tips on your skill. It also is a place for tours and travels enthusiasts to share and review places.

A blog, in summary, is like a personal journal. Where you save all your thoughts, ideas, plans and comments on certain things. The only difference, however, is that here, you write for a specific audience. Blogging could be a hobby. Some people are very good at specific issues. Share your knowledge with other people. Teach your skill to an audience. It comes with a feeling of accomplishment. Blogging also helps build a community. Around your blog, comments will come up. Discussions come about in the comment box of a post. It builds new relationships. Consequently, blogging improves your writing skills. The more you write, the more your skill becomes better. Practice makes perfect. Blogging could also be a source of income. You could make money out of your blog. We will not go to that as at now. A blog later will tell you how to.

Blogging benefits

The main reason for blogging should be to have a feeling of achievement and fulfillment. Blogging should be more of an initiative to share. To inform people, educate, entertain. Thus, it should already be fun even without any benefits. Real bloggers blog because they find it fulfilling to share information with other people. While we are still at it, blogging also has its benefits. These, however, come with consistency and a lot of patience. The very first is the idea that you can make money from your blog. Secondly, you improve your writing skill. You also get to help others, express yourself and to also sell your product or brand. Blogging also helps you build a network. You establish authority and expertise in the field you are blogging about and also gain influence. There are many benefits of blogging. The beginners guide to blogging in Kenya however, advises that these should not be the basis of blogging.

What A Blog Is Not

In this beginners guide to blogging in kenya, we also need to diferentiaate a blog from other online features. A blog is not your facebook wall. While you can post information for the blog on facebook, you cannot post everything you post on facebook on your blog. Blogs are more serious. A blog is more educative and detailed than your facebook. While blogging mostly creates content for the web, Social media on the other hand engages people omn content. Blogging creates a stronger community. Your audience are connected to you more and a personal relationship is established. On the other hand, social media creates a large community. Its a matter of quality verses quantity. However, if one manages to merge the two, it only gets better.

In conclusion, before you start blogging, one question you need to ask yourself is whether you are a blogger. This will save you the scenario where you start a blog and two weeks into the blog and you can no longer post anything and you leave it at that. This beginners guide to blogging in Kenya will help you decide the answer to that question. Once you confirm that yes you are a blogger, you can then create a blog and start blogging. The How to create a blog article on the beginner guide to blogging in Kenya series will help you with the creation process. Look forward to it. In the meantime, you need to register a domain for your blog here.