The University Experience

Before I get to blogging tips for students, I need to explain the university feeling. Being a student especially in a Kenyan University makes one of the best feelings and experiences one could ever have. You get to meet a lot of different people. Different cultures together, You learn new things, new ways of life, new fashion et cetera. Students at the University are referred to as the cream of the society. This meaning the best the society has. The university experience is one of the most looked forward to experiences by the young population in high schools. This is because of the fun it is perceived to have. It sure is fun, except when it’s the exam period. Am yet to find an individual who enjoys examination.

The Writers And Bloggers

There exists, however, a crop of university students who love writing. These read books, articles, blogs and any other reading material they can come across. Writing is everything they do at campus. On journals, their facebook accounts, twitter, Instagram and other places they can find. Now, this post is supposed to benefit you the most. By now, if you are such a writer, or you intend becoming one, you already know you can also write on blogs.

Free Blog hosting for students

You can either create a blog on WordPress, Blogspot etcetera. While those are the most popular and free, did you know that deepAfrica offers free hosting for students for blogging? Like you can now have a blog without the extension for free. Like instead of, you can have Which blogger doesn’t want to remove that extension? Now, deepAfrica offers free hosting for students for the entire time they are in school. Host for free here. You can even transfer from WordPress or Blogspot to .com. Now that you have a blog lets go ahead to blogging tips for students.

Blogging tips for students

The very first thing to do as a blogger is to be yourself. Do not copy another person or blog. Whether their blog is doing well and yours is not, do not copy them. Build your blog over time with your own content, own style and own theme. That way, your blog will be personalised. When your readers are reading, they will not feel you in the articles you do. Do not copy paste stuff. If you are borrowing content from another place, read it, understand and write the same using your own words. Plagiarism does not work for blogs either.

Choose a theme. Specialised blogs work better. General blogs are a little bit competitive. When you specialise on a certain theme, your blog authority on that subject rises on google analytics. Choose a subject you are well conversant with.Choose a theme you enjoy talking about. A theme that you will have fun writing about or researching about. At the same time though, you need to choose something that will also be relevant to a wide range of audience.

Be consistent. Once you start blogging, you cannot stop. Your audience needs something to read every now and then. Post an article at least twice a week. Whether it’s generating traffic or not, just post. Be patient with the traffic. It may take time before people start checking on it. Consistency ensures a flow of articles to your readers. The will start looking forward to the next post with time.

Make your blog posts easy to share. Add sharing buttons for Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Make commenting on the posts easy as well. There are many WordPress plugins that could be added to your blog to ease sharing and commenting. Once this is done, make sure you engage your audience in the comment box. Give topics or questions at the end of the post to be discussed. Be part of that discussion as well. It builds a connection between you and your audiences.

Write timeless content. Content that will still be relevant for a person who sees your blog months later. Do not be too short nor too long. Keep your article length standard. At least 300 words and at most 1000 words are fine. Use short sentences. They always work out best.

That’s a little bit for now. Jeff Goins is an award-winning writer and a blogger. He gives more blogging tips for students here. You can also check examples of blog articles at All the best with your blogging. Remember to grab the free blog hosting for students by deep Africa offer while you still can.