Increasing Customer Reach

Most people in business want to reach as many customers as possible. To attain this goal, they engage different strategies. These include sales representatives, advertisements, marketing campaigns among others. Moreover, the internet has brought about a new audience that businesses want to reach. Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among other social sites is now a norm in this age. Businesses are now moving online to reach the many people who spend their time online. You can learn how to get your business online here. Facebook pages, Twitter handles as well can be easily created by individuals for businesses. While this is an easy task, coming up with a content strategy for the sites is way difficult for most people. While having an account is easy, one needs to know what to post that will engage the audience. Posts that will move them to act to the advantage of the business.

Content Strategy

Content strategy comes in to save this situation. A content strategy outlines the posts and content for online publishing for your audience. It answers the questions, what to post, Why to post it and How will it be posted? A content strategy is a business plan for all the material that goes out through their social media platforms. While most people use it interchangeably with content marketing, these two are different. In contrast to content strategy, Content marketing is the actual implementation of the content strategy. It deals with the execution of the strategy, Ways to execute it and editing the content to fit the requirements of the strategy. The two, however, overlap at some point. Thus the reason for their use interchangeably.

Creating A Content Strategy

Creating a content strategy could be a difficult task sometimes especially when you have other things to attend to. deepAfrica saves you the hard labour and helps you create an effective content strategy here. You can create an effective content strategy following a few steps. These steps guide you to create an easy to follow strategy. they also help to ensure that the needs of the audience are catered for while not losing the company’s objectives and goals.

Steps to guide you

  1. Know where you are going. ┬áVisualise your company in the next two years and work towards that. Specify the vision, target audience and the company’s goals.
  2. Define your audience. Demographic qualities, what sites do they visit most, When can you find them on the internet most, Their hobbies, et cetera.
  3. Content audit. This is an in-depth analysis of what you have come up with as a strategy. Here, check on the topics, length, tone, relevance, features, datedness among others. Come up with a success metrics to measure their success.
  4. Analyse data for gaps and patterns. Here, search for trends and patterns. Look for what is working and what is not. Find out why it is not working and ways to improve it. You can moreover use tools such as pivot tables to help you out.
  5. Goal setting. Here, after checking whether your content is working well in line with your vision, set specific goals. Set goals you want the content strategy to achieve. The goals should, however, be measurable, meaningful and measurable.
  6. Next, Align your style with your brand’s personality. Here, specify your brand’s unique characters and themes and consequently give instructions on how they will be induced in the posts.
  7. You can finally document your strategy. Be comprehensive and still concise at the same time.


With the above steps, creating a content strategy will be fast. You can also get this information in detail here. All the best with your content strategy.