A saying goes “if you want to hide anything from Africans, place it in books.” This phrase, however, does not cut across all Africans. There still are some who know the value of books. They have gone on to invest energy, time and money to acquire anything and everything found in the books. Knowing that knowledge is found in books and going on to find it is wisdom by itself. The good thing about this is that Kenyans are embracing a reading culture. While most of us are reading books after books, what we don’t remember to check is where they are from. The process before they reach to us as books (final product) for example the publishing, editing et cetera.east african publishers -deepAfrica

Over the years, East African Educational Publishers have made an effort to address the growing needs of readers all over the world. This is through publications ranging from novels, school textbooks, teacher’s’ guides among others. East African Educational Publishers have worked to ensure they cut across all cultures, ages religions et cetera.

EAEP could probably be the oldest publishers in Kenya. Their history runs way back to 1965 two years after Kenya attained its independence. During that time, books in Africa used to be published in European countries and exported to Kenya and other African countries for sale. Heinemann and Cassell started the company forming a groundwork for Kenyans to publish. Dr Henry Chakava was appointed the company’s first editor in the year 1972.

Previously known as Heinemann Educational Ltd, the company changed its name to East African Educational publishers in 1992 when the company gained full local ownership the first multinational publishing firm of its kind.

EAEP aims at contributing to the best they can in packaging, gathering and disseminating ideas and information through products which are mostly books or publications. They have worked hard to match talent and roles as well as strengthening their technological resources so as to stand out among the best publishing companies in the world.

They endeavour to be the undisputed market leaders in all they do as they publish and promote high-quality products that will contribute to cultural and educational development.

EAEP has a wide variety of products ranging from secondary school literature to primary school and pre- primary, tertiary among others. With primary and pre-primary literature, the books here are published with the aim of helping learners to develop cognitive skills on a step by step basis. They get their guide from the latest school curriculum. The books follow an integrated, creative and imaginative thematic approach to learning. Secondary school literature is developed following the latest school curriculum. The follow an integrated, creative and imaginative thematic approach to learning. They help the students develop practical skills that will help them in the real world. All their books are accompanied by a teacher’s guide. These guides help the teachers to plan their lessons. They also have answers to all the exercises that are in the student book.east african publishers -deepAfrica

Storybooks, atlases, encyclopaediae, dictionaries, revision and other materials for referencing are also provided. They ensure the learning experience is more fulfilling and fun too.


Books at the tertiary level aim at imparting professional knowledge and skills for teaching professionals. Another notable category is the Kenway publication. These are those publications that aim at the broad reader. Publications in this category include safari books, cookery books, history books and other general books. In the general category, we have publications such as autobiographies, biographies, humour, general novels and history books. These will help the reader have a broad understanding of our culture, environment and economic status. It as well as keeps the reader entertained.

East African Educational Publishers have received several awards and achievements. The leadership of Dr Chakava gained international recognition when Oxford Brooks University honoured him with a doctorate last year. This was for his indefatigable contribution to publishing not only in the African continent but also on the international scene.

Corporate responsibility

EAEP has endeavoured to make lots of contributions to the society through different corporate events. During the annual EAEP LTD Annual Book Donation event, they identify those areas in society that need assistance. They then give out millions and millions worth of books. They also participate in talent-searching initiatives such the Kenya Publishers Association’s Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature. Another notable of such initiatives is the National Book Development Council’s National Literary Award. They also participate in many other avenues that identify talent and nurture it.


Those interested in reaching them can get them via their website www.eastafricanpublishers.com or through their emails marketing@eastafricanpublishers.com, publishing@eastafricanpublishers.com, sales@eastafricanpublishers.com, and warehouse@eastafricanpublishers.com. You can also find them via postal address, telephone or mobile.

East African Educational Publishers

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