Google Assistant, the intelligent personal assistant in your pocket has immense benefits for the Busy Kenyan Professional who lives their life on the fast lane. With the great prevalence of smartphones in Kenya, It is surprising that quite Google-Assistant In Kenyaa large section of the population do not know that you can use Google Assistant in Kenya and even use the voice command features of interacting with Google Assistant. For those who are unfamiliar with this tool, here is a brief overview of what Google Assistant is.


For those who are unfamiliar with this tool, here is a brief overview of what Google Assistant is.

At the basic leveGoogle-Assistant In Kenyal, Google Assistant is a virtual artificial intelligence system built by google to be an assistant for all the light duty tasks that you normally make on your phone or the internet like making a call, sending an SMS or pulling data from the internet. All Android phones come equipped with this tool (however for Android Lollipop and backward, the tool was in more primitive forms and known as Google Now.




12 Things You Can Do with Google Assistant In Kenya

Here are 12 things that you can do with your Google Assistant App on your Android Device using voice commands

  1. Use as Calculator
  2. Check Weather
  3. Ask it to tell you jokes
  4. Ask it random facts
  5. Get local Kenyan News
  6. Use it to navigate to any location
  7. Open apps on your phone
  8. Schedule Callendar events
  9. Send SMS’s  to your contacts
  10. Initiate calls through voice
  11.  Set Reminders for google to remind you later
  12. Remember where your last locations for things that you stored.

Here is some interesting tricks shared by Beebom on their youtube channel on the tricks you should know about:



Unfortunately, if you have an android device, google assistant does not come natively but lucky for you, we have found a way to install it on any android device

See the instructions below:

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