Google Docs in Kenya is not widely accepted as a tool for creating documents and creating powerpoints. Compared to its rival: MS Office, Its use in Kenya is not as wide as it should be.  It is a powerful tool with a great depth of functionality and best of all, its free.

Google docs in KenyaThe beauty of using this Google tool is that it integrate seamlessly with all formats of publishing and creates an amazing overall Experience.

Now Google Docs does many things:

Spreadsheets, Documents, Presentations, Drawings etc. This makes it the one most functional office software that has the widest use cases than other office applications available. Did I mention that it is free?

Now Google Docs is perfect for office use instead of buying and installing the traditional document editors.  It also integrates seamlessly with google infrastructure including gmail. This makes it really useful for sharing office projects with colleagues and client.


Internet requirement may bea restriction for you but you can set up the offline versions of the app for Chrome.


We use google docs in the office to do everything from creating a form for our customers to creating a complex powerpoint. We even use it as a research tool to make this particular blog. We find the additional research tools provided enable the quick and seamless creation of documents and reports.


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