When you have set up a hosting plan, the next step is uploading your website files to CPanel. The video above shows you a step by step guide on how you can upload your website files to CPanel and get your website up and running.


How to upload website files to CPanel:

Step1. Log in to your CPanel using the credentials given by your Hosting Provider

Step 2. Navigate to the “File Manager” of the CPanel that controls all the files in your hosting account.

Step3. Navigate to your Public_Html folder denoted by the globe icon. This folder is the one that all your website files and folders are stored so as to load from your domain automatically.

Step4. Zip all the contents of the public_html folder and delete the original files while retaining the zip backup file.

Step5. Zip your website files on your local machine into zip format since you cant upload folders into CPanel.

Step6. Click upload located at the top bar of your screen to open a new tab on your browser

Step7. Click the blue button at the center and select the zip file that contains your website files. Wait for the progress bar to turn green before closing the tab

8. Return to the File manager tab on your CPanel and refresh the public_html folder to reveal the zip you have just uploaded.

9. Extract the zip file to allow the files to be read. If your homepage is not already named index.html or index.php, rename it appropriately for it to be read as the main page of the website.

If you have any other questions, Kindly post it in the comment section below.

Step 8.