Are you concerned about the security of your home when you leave? Or probably how your child is going about their day when you are not around? Or maybe your child has no one to play with. You don’t want them to get bored at home alone? Well, worry no more. Kuri the robot has you sorted.


The latest invention in the tech industry, Kuri comes with amazing features that will address all your needs. Kuri is a robot nanny that charms the kids and watches your place. It is set to be launched later in december this year.

deepAfrica - Kuri the home robot Kuri is a smart robot for the home designed to have personality, awareness, and mobility. Kuri makes life at home a little more interesting, fun and inspiring. He brings technology to life; He can understand context and surroundings, recognize specific people, provide companionship and more.Kuri will check in on the house or pets while you’re away, read an audiobook to your kids at bedtime, follow you around and play music while you’re cleaning, or simply greet you at the door when you get home each night.


Kuri, created by the Bosch-backed startup Mayfield Robotics will be able to use its camera to check on your pets when you’re away.It can set reminders and use its Wi-Fi connection to tell you about the weather. It’ll also work with IFTTT, the online rule-maker with a ton of smart home partners, to control some connected devices.The technology and computing power inside of Kuri is also remarkably powerful – from custom lasers and sensors, to advanced electric motors, a built-in camera, microphones, dual speakers, Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, and more. With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 1080p cam and sturdy wheels designed to traverse any interior flooring, Kuri has a lot going for it.

Whats More

It has an iOS and Android app, It has three hours of battery life, a four-microphone array that helps it hear your voice commands. It’s 20 inches tall and 14 pounds, so it won’t be easy to lug it to different floors. Kuri’s sensors help it map rooms and objects and avoid falling over edges

It can send you a custom notification if it spots your dog on the couch. Kuri can patrol your home using a predetermined route, letting you know if it spots something out of the ordinary. It can also use its motion and sound detection to hunt down an unusual occurrence and send you a recording.

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