A Walk Down Memory Lane

The memory of an old Kenyan advert sparks a flood of nostalgic memories of our memory of the good old days. Days when life was easier and simpler. Citizen TV’s Evelyn Wambui has done a lovely piece taking us down memory lane.

What Old Kenyan Adverts mean to me

For me, the Blueband ad and the soundtrack  “step by step…” took me way back to my childhood and the beginning of my fascination with advertising and marketing. These brands may not know this but some of the work that they did has had a profound impact on my life. I entered the marketing world as a result of their creativity and flowery minds. Their twists and turns and how they would turn an inanimate object into an object of desire still blows my mind. In my opinion, the work they did were masterpieces that need to be reflected on.

Old Kenyan Advert

Another thought… It is amazing how as things continue changing, the more they remain the same. When I look at the old Kenyan Advert of the laundry detergent, I find it hard to distinguish it from the laundry ads I see today.

What are some of the ads that made your childhood? I would love to know.


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