Everyone needs to be productive. It is my Personal desire to carve out the most of my day. To feel that, at the end of the day: I have achieved what I had set out to do in the morning. In the techie world we live in today, there are a number of tools that can help you make the best of your day. We have prepared a list of the most useful productivity tools in Kenya used by the guys at our office to keep track of their tasks and therefore make the most out of their day.

Any.do – To-do List Manager

Any.do is a productivity platform that helps you keep track of your tasks. It syncs your tasks across devices and allows you to seamlessly manage your tasks no matter where you are.


On Google Play Any.do has over 250,000 reviews and has an average review of 4.5 stars.


Using Dual Monitors

Using double screens is proved to assist in getting more done since it gives you more space to work. All you need to do is connect a normal desktop monitor with your laptop. Here is a guide that will help you make use of this productivity tool in Kenya. According to the New York Times, Having a dual monitor can increase your productivity by up to 30%. See the whole story here


This tool personally helps me to keep track of social media activity as I work on a marketing project. In addition to this, I find dual monitors useful when I am editing photos or a video. I am able to keep track of the files I am using while at the same time continue editing without minimizing or windows. This for me is the top of my list of  productivity tools in Kenya

Keeps Distractions at Bay

If you are working on a project at work and need to hit tight deadlines, It helps to turn off every distraction. This includes the phone alerts to chats and definitely: the internet. You may also need to create a system to inform your colleagues that you are working on something that requires concentration. Be careful as you d this since it may isolate you from your colleagues and hinder efficient team work. While this may not be considered as one of Productivity tools in Kenya, it is a hack that will save you loads of time by reducing the number of times you stop working.


Take regular breaks

While you may assume that pulling a 5 hour task run may be an effficient use of time. However, the truth is that our minds just aren’t designed to work that way. For optimal productivity, try the popular and praised Pomodoro technique–work for 25 minutes, then give yourself a five-minute break. Here are 12 apps that can help you make use of this technique.

Pomodoro technique Productivity tools in Kenya


Google Keep

Google Keep is another  useful Productivity tools in Kenya. This is a note taking app that keeps all your notes and thoughts in one account and makes them accessible to all your connected devices instantly. I consider this to be my favorite productivity tool in Kenya. Google keep can help you keep your ideas and plans safely stored on the cloud. For this reason, your notes will never get lost especially when you upgrade your device to a new one.

Google Keep, Productivity tools in Kenya


Why Use Productivity Tools in Kenya?

The benefit of using tools like these will help you get better work and this will assist you to grow your professional competence. By improving your productivity, you will be setting yourself up for a promotion and greater job satisfaction since you have time for the things that matter.