Project Management in Kenya is still new. Though it is taught by schools, the perspective that the people who study this course take is that it is only useful for the NGO world. While this is true, the art of Project Management in Kenya is a skill that is useful for every professional working in both business and Non-Profit organizations.


What is Project Management?

Now, Lets first begin with the question, what is Project Management?goals

Project Management is the process of organizing the way that changes are implemented efficiently within an organization. ¹

Projects are usually relatively short term and with a clear deadline, clear budget and finite resources with which the project must work within. This means that as individuals, it is imperative to have skills to manage and organize these resources and for this reason, achieve the goal in a sustainable ways. This is the reason that we highly recommend that you build your project management skills. Having this skills in your toolbox will prove useful. It will prove especially useful when you are put in charge of  a work project of if you want to introduce a new system of working for your business.


Now it is said that the best way to hide something from an African is to put it in a book. Most people in Kenya do not read outside of academia. This is a great loss first for the individual who looses out on the great opportunity of self actualization. Second, the loss extends to the employer and to the economy in lost potential.  I encourage you not to be a statistic. Stretch yourself to learn and grow yourself into a skilled project manager. Not out of book-based learning bProject Management In Kenyaut from practical hands-on tools that have been tried and tested.

Mindtools: Tools for Project Management in Kenya

Mindtools have written a series of tools for Project Management that would be useful for Kenyan management professionals who would like to grow their ability to manage their projects both at work and in their businesses.

The tools start with asking a question: What is Project Management

Next, You will be given a test that examines your Project Management Skills.

After this you will learn how to apply Agile Project Management

Next, you will learn how to Balance Your Budget, Scope, and Schedule in The Iron Triangle of Project Management

There are over 60 other useful articles and tools in the project management category  and you can find a full list of this  here

If you are a manager of a team at your place of work or if you own a business, We find these articles to be  great tools to assist you in project management in Kenya

project management in kenya

Strive to improve yourself this year by learning a new skill every day. You will thank me later if you take this piece of advice.


If you are interested in growing your skills, we at deepAfrica have developed this blog to document our own journeys in self development and to help others of similar ambition to grow faster than we did  by giving you a shortcut.


¹ Midtools Article on Project Management: