Everyone has goals and visions. Everyone has at some point written down their goals and how they will get them accomplished. However, very few people are actually setting goals and achieving them.Most people will follow their written way forward for several days. Some will be faithful to it for a week and others several days. Before long we all forget we had goals to achieve and go back to our usual life.

One of the reasons for this bad trend is because of goals not being well written. Some people write their goals from the blues and not according to the world they live in. Some goals are not relevant as per the date of setting them, some are way too ahead for them to be achieved and others have no clear outline of the way forward.

Today, we will help you write goals effectively. Write goals that will be achievable, realistic and relevant. Having said this, we go straight to the point. Several guiding principles that will help you write your goals in a way that will be easy to achieve.


  1. Keep them Five in number.

According to research, the average human being cannot focus on more than five to seven items at a time. Make a point of focussing on little goals at a time. Goals that can be remembered even from the memory without looking them up somewhere.

  1. SMART goals

Smart in this sense will be used as an acronym. For goals to be achievable, they have to meet the following criteria:

  • Specific- Goals must identify exactly what you want. Specify.
  • Measurable- quantify the outcome. This will help know if you are hitting your target or not.
  • Actionable- every goal should start with an action verb.
  • Realistic- a goal should stretch you but should also be in your limits
  • Time-bound- every goal needs a timeline. Once the time elapses, you can now check your end results and if you really achieved.


  1. Write them down.

This is a very important step. When you write your goals down, you are starting your intention and setting things in motion.

    4. Review them Frequently

This gives you the guidelines to where you are and what step you should take next. You can review them daily, weekly, monthly, the choice is yours. This is what turns them into reality.

  1. Share them selectively

Do not share your goals with anyone. Only share with people who are committed to see you achieve them.

With the above tips, setting goals and achieving them will be possible anytime, anywhere. To get more detailed information about the same, Michael Hyatt has more for you here.