Fun and Learn

Before we get to sphero 2.0, we need to acknowledge that all parents want the best for their children. In the same note, Parents want what is beneficial for the same children. So, the more the fun it is and the more beneficial it is to your child, the more appropriate it becomes.

Now, how would you say of a rolling ball being controlled with your android device? Moreover, it can link up with play store and AppStore deepAfrica - the sphero 2.0 ballimprove the fun in it? In addition, a ball that can help your kid learn to code as early as their age? Well, that’s Sphere 2.0 in a nutshell.


Sphero is the world’s first app-enabled robotic ball and a sophisticated companion for your smartphone. You can Learn, play, and explore with this awesome robot. Rolling at a speed of 4.5mph, sphere 2.0 is connected to your device using Bluetooth with a range of up to 100 feet.


The ball is powered using induction charging and is three times brighter than the original. It is waterproof making it even fun because you can have it in water as well.  Now, unlike the usual ball that a kid plays around within the room, the fun heightens on this one when you start downloading apps to use with it. These apps help you play Augmented Reality (AR) and mixed reality games.

For example, bedroom setting. Under the bed. With you running the AR Rolling dead App, using the device’s camera, you will see zombies moving around under the bed. You will have the option or task of destroying them through a fireball shooting Sphero. More than just a powerhouse of fun, this programmable ball lets kids as young as 8 years learn to code if they’re of a mind to program it to do simple things like following a preset course.deepAfrica - Sphere 2.0


The ball can be purchased on Amazon at US$99.99. The full package includes 2 ramps to help you build obstacles, an induction charging base, a quick start guide to help you start without problems. It also comes with a power adapter (110V – 240V compatible, USA style plug) Free games and apps are available on google play, app store,
and windows store.