Web development is a process. It takes commitment, consistency and hard work. As at this point, am yet to start building a website. I need to know what I will need to complete one. No one wants to start building a site only to get somewhere and realise there is something they missed. I, therefore, need a breakdown of the web design process. A step to step guide to web development. Nancy Mwangi, head of the tech department at deepAfrica.com the leading online solutions provider in Kenya helps me out with the process.

Project Definition

First, for web development, she says one would need a clear understanding of the project they are working on. Under the title project definition, this initial step establishes the nature of the website being built. Here, A summary of the project or the details of the site to be built gets established. They also find out the goals that the site seeks to meet and the target audience for the same. At this point, you also find out what message to be passed on the website. Competitors for the site get established as well as coming up with a clear content strategy.


The second step of the web development process is the scope. Here, you establish the budget of the project, constraints and the technical and non-technical requirements. You also identify the prototype deliverability and when the site should be due.

More on the Process

The third step is the wireframe and site architecture. The fourth step in the web development process; the visual design followed by the actual site development. This is the fifth step. The sixth step is site testing. Here, you test whether the site is working correctly. Whether all the links lead to where they should. You moreover check whether the site is in line with the client’s requirements among other tests. The 7th and second last step in the web development process is the launching of the website. deepAfrica gives a warranty for the customer to check and use the site to confirm if its what they wanted. They also provide site maintenance for the website for the first two months.

Detailed Information

The P.D.F file below is a detailed explanation of the web process giving a step by step guide on the different steps. WEB DESIGN STEP PROCESS. This is the web development process used by deepAfrica (the leading company in Kenya for web development, hosting and other online solutions) when building sites for clients. While yours might be slightly different, these are the basic steps in web development. All the best with your site.