Web development for beginners Intro.

Hi, this is just an introduction to a series of other lessons on web development for beginners. You need to know where we are starting with this and what direction we have or are taking. You need to understand that this is a series of blog posts that covers a journey to developing an awesome fully working website. Here’s the introduction.web development for beginners - deepAfrica

Now, having opened the web development for beginners – The introduction link, I presume you are a newbie web development. You probably actually know nothing about web development but are really interested. So you are here hoping to find guidelines as you start a new journey in the field. Well, to start with, you are in the right place. We’ll walk this path of fun, learning and becoming web development gurus together.

Good. Having said that, I need to clarify that as I write this am more or less the same as you. I know nothing about web development except for the definition which I would have no words for in an exam situation. I, however, know what web development if i was to describe it in a layman’s terms. Thank you. That makes us two. Right?

Why Web Development?

So why would i write up a blog for web development for beginners when i know nothing about web development? Hmmh… nice question. Well, i’ll tell you why. I recently joined deepafrica.com an online solutions provider company. Over the years, before i joined and even to this date, deepAfrica has endeavoured to provide unique solutions to businesses in an effort to make them thrive as well as grow their online presence. I will not dwell on them today so much because we are dealing with web development for beginners. I however assume you know how it feels to be in the midst of web development gurus and know nothing about what they are talking about. Words flying past you that have no meaning in your world. You would sit in a 1 hour conversation and have nothing to contribute. Worse still, get from that conversation having learnt nothing at all.

Main Reason

That however is not the reason for my wanting to do web development for beginners. I did my undergraduate studies in one of the big prestigious Universities in Kenya Chuka University where i graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communication in media. That explains why my writing is this good – but do I say?! Before I wander off from my topic, I came across web development in one of the many course units in class.

My Web Development Knowledge

I did several programming languages including C, C+ and C plus plus if there was anything of the sort. Half of these classes I did not understand what the lecturer was saying either because i could not or because my head was somewhere beyond the four walls of the lecture room. Part of the other half is taken up by the many classes i missed. The class had been scheduled too early before the time I woke up or I had just received the latest release of Game of Thrones. I was too busy watching that i did not remember we had a class. The last part of the half is what i retained for exams purposes and forgot immediately the exam was over.

That explains why i still have no idea about web development. I also did HTML. This unlike the others was fun so I retained some knowledge from these classes. Here i developed interest in web development and I.T. What  else triggered interest for web development? All my roommates from first year; Martz KN, Aizoh Berean, et cetera  to my fourth year at campus were programmers. My best friend Daniel Kiarie is also a programmer. What do you expect of me with all that? They probably will come in handy in these lessons that’s why I had to mention them.

Good. With that, I am into programming, IT and web development. In the next three months, I should have created my own website from scratch to an amazing website; fully functional. I’ll rely more on help from the techies at deepafrica.com, the internet as well as friends to pull this off.

How You will Learn

Everything I do will be documented in detail on these series of web development for beginners. Whatever I learn, come across, difficulties encountered, everything will be written down on these series of blogs. From here you will also get to learn, get insights and guidelines as to how to develop your web. You are welcome as well to share your insights with me, challenges and better ways to achieve same results. I will update the series once or twice a week on thursdays and Saturdays so keep checking.

Now that i think i’ve said everything i needed to say, its time i started working on my blog. See you in the next blog post or in the comments section. Thank you.