Business Expansion And Growth

For running and well-established businesses, growth and expansion become the next project. One aspect that most businesses do not consider when expanding their business is the online reach. While most businesses have neglected this market, those who have embraced online marketing will tell you of its success. In the era we are living today, most people are surfing online more often than they are out shopping. Virtually everyone is on the internet either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. Web hosting in Kenya can help your business reach customers from the online space. Pili hosting for example from is the best hosting plan for such business ventures.

Getting Your Business Online; Web hosting in Kenya

Before we get to Pili hosting as the best hosting plan for web hosting in Kenya, let me explain how to get your business online. Different ways can be used to get your business heard online. The most popular of these is creating a Facebook page and advertise your products and services there. Secondly, you can create a Twitter handle for your business and do the same.

The most effective way is to create a website for your business. Here, you have the freedom to add as many features as you would like. You could have a section for products and services. Another section could be a section for customer feedback. Another could have contacts, another, images of business activities, et cetera. The list is endless. You could also have a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram handles directing customers to the website. This will work effectively for your business to increase sales for your business from online customers.

Pili Hosting

Pili Hosting is a web hosting plan from that would suit all your business needs for a digital platform. For web hosting in Kenya, Pili hosting is built with established businesses in mind, institutions and the service industry. It is created to facilitate efficient email communication and boost security for businesses to transact securely online. Pili hosting is tailored for churches, Chama’s, groups, universities and colleges, small and medium enterprises, emerging corporates et cetera. It is the institutional package. With Pili hosting for your business, you can transact within the web without fear of your personal information being stolen.


With Pili hosting, you get a free domain, free SSL certificate – this ensures your site is secure. With Pili hosting you also get to create unlimited email accounts for your business, yourself, your employees’ et cetera. All emails have the domain name. Pili hosting also comes with unlimited subdomains, unlimited bandwidth and the ability to host many websites under one domain. also offers weekly backup for your site files ensuring that you won’t lose anything in the process.

Best Plan, Best Prices

All these features among others make Pili hosting the best plan for web hosting in Kenya. This works best for established businesses seeking to expand their business into the online world. It also works well with institutions. Entrepreneurs and small businesses can see the best package for their businesses here.  All these amazing features come to you at Ksh 9900 per year plus V.A.T. You can get more information on the same at You can also contact them at 0712500500 or email All the best with your business online.