Entrepreneurship and The Online Platform

Entrepreneurship unlike web hosting in Kenya is picking fast picking. This is attributed one to the growing rate of unemployment among our youth and also the way Kenyans are embracing an entrepreneurial culture. This trend is quite a good trend as most Kenyans are becoming more and more independent. It is also helping to create more jobs for the jobless youth in the market.

That said however, while most entrepreneurs endeavour to make the best out of their businesses, most of them have not realised the power of the web. That makes the online platform unpopular among the few who’ve embraced entrepreneurship. Now, the few who’ve invested on the web as part of their business will tell you the kind of returns boost they got. That begs the question; why don’t most businesses go online? I’ll tell you why. Some don’t believe in its power. However, most know less about online marketing and business running. So today, i’ll give my two cents on digital platforms for entrepreneurs and web hosting in Kenya.http://www -web hosting- deepAfrica

There are several companies in Kenya that offer web hosting. Top among them all is deepAfrica.com. Tested and verified. But before i get to the companies that offer web hosting in Kenya, I need to explain web hosting for entrepreneurs for those who have no clue. Now, if you are starting out on a business venture, everything that can bring growth to your business is worth trying. Key among them that many people have no idea about its worth is hosting your business online. By this, I mean getting your own website for the business, talking about it there, your products and an interactive front where you can interact with customers and clients online.

Before I take you to domains and all that stuff, deepAfrica are giving an offer for anyone who hosts their website with them this month. Dubbed #KwamuaBiashara, the hosting package along other features with a landing page for your business before the website is created, a WhatsApp poster for advertisement and they also set your emails up for you. For free. Let’s go back to web hosting in Kenya.

Types of Domains

Websites come in various domain names. Dotcom, .co.ke for companies in Kenya, .ac.ke for institutions, .org for organisations, .net, .info, .biz among others. Based on these, you know as an entrepreneur where your venture lies. .com is for international domains. If you are planning to centralise your business in Kenya, the .co.ke domain would be best.


Among other benefits, hosting a domain gets you to sell your services online as well and with ease. It acts as a sales and marketing tool or agent. Only this time, you don’t have to move from place to place. The customers come instead. More to this, your other online platforms like Facebook and Twitter are connected to your website bringing your online community to one place. You also get to interact with your clients fast through the website.

Why deepAfrica

Before I go further deep, I chose deepafrica.com as the best domain hosting company for you. Why? It just is that. The best. There is no arguing about that. Otherwise, find me another place with 24/7 support and free SSL for all domains. That’s just a little of what’s in the package that’s unbeatable. I won’t therefore even waste your time reading about other companies while I already know what’s best.

This said, for entrepreneurs, deepafrica.com acknowledges that you are just starting your business. With this in mind, they know that you need not that a heavy online presence until you are strongly rooted in the business up and running. They thus have a package specifically for you. The Kwanza hosting package ensures that you get what you want and even more with a cost that is lenient on your budget. You can upgrade to Pili hosting later on when the time comes. I will tell you more about it then. As for now, let’s talk deepAfrica’s Kwanza hosting.


Kwanza hosting is the best hosting package for web hosting in Kenya. With Kwanza hosting, deep Africa gives you several features. Among them is unlimited web space. Unlimited web space is whereby the hosting package gives you the freedom to host as many or unlimited sites as they would want. It also comes with unlimited resources. Kwanza hosting also comes with the ability to create unlimited email accounts. I mean as many as you would wish to have as well as unlimited sub domains. By subdomains, these are domains under your main domain name.

Kwanza hosting package makes it to the top of the web hosting in Kenya packages also because of unlimited bandwidth they offer. Bandwidth refers to the amount of data and traffic that can be transferred at a time between your users, the internet and your site. Other features that come with Kwanza hosting package are unlimited databases, unlimited FTP accounts, and weekly backups. A free SSL certificate is guaranteed. That means your connections are more secure as well as your information and data. How much will this package cost you? With just Ksh 2900 + V.A.T per year, you have your domain up and running. What price would beat that? Mark the term per year.

With that, watch your online platform make you money behind your desk. All the best in your entrepreneurial venture. In case you need a website developed for you, deepAfrica still got your back. You can also learn on the same here.